Manuscript wanted for Kakehashi vol.17

Every year, KIFA publishes a collection of short essays in Japanese written by foreigners.

We've started collecting manuscript for the 17th volume, targeted to be published in March next year.

Your contribution is much needed and will be hugely appreciated!

The manuscript:

- can be of any length. (Some editing may be applied if necessary.)

- should be written about your experience/thoughts & opinions about living in Japan.

- should be in Japanese if possible (hiragana is fine), but please ask for translation service at KIFA if not.

- can be handwritten or typed.

Also, please provide us with your photos, one chest/neck-up shot, and another one

favorably related to your essay topic along with the manuscript.

"Kakehashi" will be displayed for anyone to read at various public facilities, e.g., libraries, community centers,

and we give you a free copy for you to keep. It'll be a great memoir and a souvenir.

It's a chance to share your thoughts about what you love or hate about living in Japan,

what surprised you, fascineted you, saddened you, brightened you up, etc.

Please contact us at the address below. Deadline is the end of November 2017.

KIFA: Kamisu Internatinoal Friendship Association

Tel: 070-3923-5936  Fax: 0299-90-1112