KIFA インフォメーション 更新履歴一覧に戻る

To All Foreign Nationals Living in Japan

Under the Alien Registration Act, if you change your address, you are obligated to apply
for registration at the office of the new municipality (city, town or village) in which you reside.
A municipality considers those who are registered as an alien in its municipality to be a resident
of the municipality and will provide them with services to which all residents of the municipality are entitled.
Accurate registration is indispensable for your benefit to make your life as a resident in the municipality
more convenient for you. Please follow the proper procedures for alien registration at the local office of
the municipality in which you reside. If you are under 16 years of age, a family member or relative living
at the same address must register on your behalf.
For further details of procedures, please refer to the office of the municipality in which you reside.

The Japanese government is now planning to provide the Supplementary Income Payments.
These Supplementary Income Payments are paid at a municipality to persons who are registered on
its alien registration card (excluding those who stay in Japan in the status of resident of a temporary
visitor or those who stay illegally). For your further information, these Supplementary Income payments
will be paid at the municipality in which you are registered as an alien as of the base date (scheduled for February 1, 2009).


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