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Are you concerned you may have contracted the Human Swine Influenza?

Ibaraki Prefecture has implemented a 24hr/day telephone support service (029-301-4001), and it is accepting calls from all residents of Ibaraki.
If you have symptoms such as fever or a cough, and you are concerned that you may have contracted the Human Swine Influenza, please contact your local public health center by phone before directly visiting a medical institution. (Support in Japanese only)

For those who do not speak Japanese
1.Weekdays (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays) → Please call the Foreigner Consultation Center at:
Contact number: 029-244-3811

2.Weekends, holidays, and days where your language is not available at the consultation center→ please contact your nearest public health center

For more information
Ibaraki Internaional Association


★Kamisu International Friendship Association
 (Planning Section, Kamisu City Office)

ADDRESS: 4991-5 Mizoguchi, Kamisu-city, Ibaraki 314-0192