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Kamisu International Friendship Festival

Kamisu International Friendship Association (KIFA) will hold an annual festival to provide an opportunity
of sharing friendship between citizens and foreign residents. We welcome many participants “wearing national costume” .

Date & Time: February 21st (Sunday), 2010 3:00-5:00pm (Events at lobby start 2:00pm)
Program: Japanese Tea Ceremony, Wearing Kimono,, foreign cultural corner,
dance performance, Lottery etc. *Light meals will be provided.
Fee:? Adult (above junior high student) 1,000yen  Children (elementary school student) 500yen
*Free for kids below elementary.

300 tickets will be sold at KIFA office (@Kamisu city hall 3F,Seisaku Kikaku-division) and Kanri-division (@Kamisu city hall-Hasaki branch)
from January 6th to February 5th.
No tickets will be available on the day of festival.
Please call KIFA (0299-92-4082) for any question.


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問合せ:神栖市国際交流協会事務局 (神栖市役所本庁企画課内)

住所:〒314-0192 神栖市溝口4991−5